BioTec 2000 Electrode Repair
Item RP-BT2000EL

Flat Rate Repair

Price Including Free Standard Shipping:

We will repair all functional problems of your BioTec 2000 Electrode, adjust, and calibrate it.

We provide a 1 year Warranty on our work.

There is a flat rate for this repair service, and it includes return standard shipping within the United States.

If the LCD Display shows letters and numbers and does not blink, the power supply is probably OK.

Checking Accessories:
If you suspect that your power supply does not work properly,

Click Here to Diagnose BioTec 2000 Electrode Accessories

If you have a BioTec 2000 Raytube that does not work properly, but your BioTec 2000 Electrode works properly with electrodes, there is probably nothing wrong with your BioTec 2000 Electrode.

How long will the repair take?
It normally takes a few days for repairs. We often run the unit for a day or two after the repair to assure that all is OK. Return time by USPS is usually 3-4 working days.

We recommend that you include the black power supply. You do not have to send accessories such as electrode wires, and raytubes, unless you suspect there might be a problem with them. To diagnose accessories Click Here

How to pack it:
Pack a BioTec 2000 Electrode and black power supply in a USPS Large Flat Rate Box LARGEFRBI (12" x 12" x 6"). Use a little padding such as small bubble wrap, foam, or crumpled paper towels on the bottom and sides. Fill the box above the unit with the same type of padding.

DO NOT SEND BLACK CARRYING CASES. They do not fit in the boxes we use to return your items. If we receive a black carrying case and you wish to have it returned, there will be additional shipping charges.

How to ship it:
Ship by USPS Priority Mail. Tracking is provided by the Post Office. Keep your tracking number and you can check for delivery status at Insurance is your option. We have never experienced a lost item, and never had a unit damaged in shipping when packaged this way.

Where to ship by USPS:
DCI Technology, LLC
PO Box 972
Kilauea, HI 96754

International or unusual shipping needs:
Contact us at or 808 639-7944