Checking BioTec 2000 Electrode Accessories:

If the BioTec 2000 Electrode does not turn on, the power supply may be bad.

If the power supply has been plugged in for a while, there should be some warmth to it. If there is no warmth, the power supply is bad.

When in doubt, send the power supply in along with a BioTec 2000 Electrode which will not turn on.

We can repair most power supplies.

Metal plates and cylinders do not fail. However, the wires and plugs to them do.

If you have a BCX Electrode Tester, connect it in place of metal plates or cylinders and verify that the light on the BCX Electrode Tester is lit when the BioTec 2000 is running. While operating, wiggle the wires and pull lightly on the wires from their plugs. If the tester light remains lit, the electrode wires are OK.

If you do not have a BCX Electrode Tester, you can look for obviously broken wires by holding the cable in one hand about 6" from the plug and gently pulling the plug. If the cable seems to stretch, there is a broken wire inside the cable. If it doesn't seem to stretch, the wire is not broken.

If wires are broken at the plugs, they can be repaired by unscrewing the black cap, cutting the wire 2" shorter, stripping 3/4" of insulation, and re-assembling. Or, you can send the electrode wires to us for repair.