BCX Ultra HF1 Upgrade Additional Information

The HF1 Upgrade is an added hardware board with new software that increases the Squarewave Frequency range of one channel (carrier or frequency) from 1Hz - 100KHz, to 1Hz - 4MHz for Electrodes and HF Accessories (HP LED Wands, BT-HFPCM2, etc.)


Frequencies from 1 to 100,000 Hz are available for all waveforms as a Carrier or a Frequency in the normal manner.

Frequencies from 100,000 Hz to 4,000,000 Hz (4.0000 MHz) are available for Squarewaves as a Carrier, or as a Frequency in Non-Carrier mode.

To access Frequencies from 100,000 Hz to 4,000,000 Hz:

Select the waveform “Squarewave”

Enter or edit the frequency

Press “<” or “>” button to move the flashing digit to the first numeric position

Press “Change+” past “9”, or press “Change–“ past “1”

The Mhz screen appears

You can now enter Mhz frequencies- 0.1000Mhz (100,000 Hz) to 4.0000Mhz (4,000,000 Hz)