Diagnosing BioTec 2000 Raytube Accessories:

If the BioTec 2000 Raytube does not turn on, the power supply may be bad.

If the power supply has been plugged in for a while, there should be some warmth to it. If there is no warmth, the power supply is bad.

When in doubt, send the power supply in along with a BioTec 2000 Raytube which will not turn on.

We can repair most power supplies.

If both Raytubes don't function, it is unlikely that the Raytubes themselves are defective unless they have been dropped, stretched by their cords, or otherwise abused. If one Raytube does not work, switch the Raytubes left for right to determine if the problem is a Raytube or the machine.

To check for broken glass, look for damage to the ends, little pieces of glass inside when you shake them, and inspect through the glass down inside the handle for cracks in the glass on the sides. Raytubes with broken glass cannot be repaired.

To check for broken wires, hold the cable in one hand about 6" from the plug or glass and gently pull the plug or glass. If the cable seems to stretch, then there is a broken wire inside the cable. If it doesn't seem to stretch, the wire is not broken. We can usually repair Raytubes with broken wires.