How do you use the BCX Electrode Tester?

To test your instrument, plug the electrode wires into the BCX Electrode Tester, select Electrodes, and run a program with the intensity up. At frequencies below about 5 Hz, you will see the green and red light flashing, indicating power and polarity reversing. At higher frequencies, you will probably see mostly the red light (since your eyes can't follow the fast change). If the green and red light does not flash at frequencies below about 5 Hz, your instrument is not working. If you have a BCX Ultra, you can plug the BCX Electrode Tester directly into your instrument.

To test Electrodes with wires on them (such as foot plates), operate your instrument like above. Touch one plug of the BCX Electrode Tester to one electrode, the other plug to the other electrode.

To test electrode wires, plug one end of the wires into the Electrode jack on your instrument, and the other end of the wires into the holes on the sides of the BCX Electrode Tester. Operate your instrument like above. Wiggle the wires (especially near the plugs) while your instrument is running, watching to see that the red and green light remains lit. If it is not lit, or turns on and off intermittently, you have broken wires.

Electrode wires can be repaired by unscrewing the black cap from the plug, cutting back the wire 2", stripping the insulation from the wire, and re-assembling. Or, you can send your broken wires to us for repair.